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Book a front-row seat at the shopping center with your favorite boys' band, the South Park Band, with the Funko Pop Deluxe! Television: South Park - Boy Band album! This deluxe Pop! album features the four band members as Pop! characters, along with their album cover artwork and hit single.

Now, Pop! Kyle, Pop! Stan, Pop! Cartman, and Pop! Kenny are searching for a fifth member to fulfill Cartman's dream of becoming a boy band superstar! Clean up your dance moves and bring the auditions home with the collectible South Park Boy Band.

Packaged in a sturdy protective case, this deluxe Pop! album can be hung on the wall or displayed on a shelf alongside your music collection. The vinyl figures measure approximately 3 inches tall, adding a touch of musical charm to any space.

Get ready to rock out with the South Park Boy Band and bring the excitement of their music to your collection. Don't miss out on this fantastic Pop! Deluxe album experience. Visit the Lvltoys website today and discover more about the product, its components, and its uses. Reserve your spot with the South Park Boy Band and let the music play!
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بوب ألبوم روكس : جيمي هندريكس
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بوب ألبوم روكس : بريتني سبيرز
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