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The YGO TCG: Legendary Duelists: Synchro Storm is an exciting and must-have product for fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. This product features a set of powerful cards that are designed to enhance players' decks and give them an edge over their opponents. The set includes Synchro Monsters, new strategies, and legendary Duelists, making it an essential addition to any Yu-Gi-Oh! player's collection.

This product is perfect for players who want to enhance their deck with new and powerful cards. The set includes 56 new cards, including 10 Ultra Rares and 46 Commons, giving players a range of options for customizing their decks. The set also includes new strategies and legendary Duelists that add depth and excitement to the gameplay.

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ntroducing the Yu-Gi-Oh! Konbode Burst of Destiny Booster Packet, a must-have for all Yu-Gi-Oh! enthusiasts and collectors. This exciting booster packet brings you a thrilling Winged-Beast theme that will revolutionize your gameplay and take your dueling skills to new heights.

Prepare to triple your Normal Summoning power with this Winged-Beast theme, allowing you to summon multiple monsters in a single turn and overwhelm your opponents. The set also introduces a special incentive for Tribute Summoning Level 7+ monsters, rewarding you with incredible advantages and game-changing effects.

Burst of Destiny features a total of 100 new cards, including 50 commons, 26 super rares, 14 ultra rares, and 10 secret rares. Unleash the power of these new cards and discover their unique abilities as you build and refine your deck. Whether you're a seasoned duelist or a newcomer to the game, this booster packet offers endless possibilities and strategic opportunities.

Not only does Burst of Destiny expand on the themes introduced in the previous set, Dawn of Majesty, but it also introduces new and exciting gameplay elements that will keep you engaged and entertained. Explore the diverse range of cards and unleash their potential as you compete against friends or participate in official Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments.

Don't miss out on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Konbode Burst of Destiny Booster Packet. Visit the Lvltoys website and secure your packet today. Enhance your collection, refine your strategies, and prepare to dominate the dueling arena with this exceptional product. Get ready for epic duels, unforgettable moments, and thrilling adventures in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!
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Master three brand-new Deck strategies while keeping your eyes peeled for Collectors Rares in Decembers new 60-card booster set, Genesis Impact!Aleister, Verre, Endymionyou know their names, but how well do you really know them? Genesis Impact delves deep into the secret history of some of Duelings most famous Spellcasters! To get the full story youll need to manage Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and LinkSummoning, all in the same Deck.[Weve restricted access to this section.
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Level up your game with 100 new cards to play and collect including a re-imagining of Chazz Princeton's Armed Dragon cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh GX animated series. Play them on their own or combine them with the original Armed Dragon cards to create a hard-hitting new strategy that aims to unleash a brand-new version of Armed Dragon LV10 and power it all the way up to 10000 ATK. Phantom Rage introduced 17 new World Premiere cards, but Blazing Vortex ups the ante with 19 World Premiere cards.
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Ancient Guardians unearths powerful new monsters in Spring 2021! This 60-card booster set introduces 3 brand-new strategies along with older cards that enhance them. As in Toon Chaos and Genesis Impact, 15 cards from the set will also be available as Collector’s Rares, and these will include a mix of new cards and older favorites.
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